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Facial oils are fabulous products that deliver the conditioning properties of moisturisers in concentrated doses. Despite the rumours that facial oils are only suited to dry skin types, oils can be a perfect accompaniment to any skin type. Oils are concentrated powerhouses of essential omegas, vitamins, and minerals. Use the wrong blend, and your skin will speak volumes to it. Use the right one, and your skin will sing.


The thought of putting oils on your face usually brings really bad breakouts to mind, or get put off by the assumption of a greasy layer to your face, think again. Facial oils may be that missing step in your beauty routine.

Facial oils usually comes in petite ampoules packaging, that is because they’re highly concentrated products. The key is to know that not all facial oils are the same and to recognize what type of oils are best suit for your skin.

You only need a very small amount (3 – 4 drops) to achieve great benefits for your skin. To get the same dose of nourishing oils from a moisturiser, you’d need to use up to 5 times as much product.



How are facial oils differentiated?

Facial oils are a blend of naturally oily ingredients that contains a healthy portion of three actives to skin:

  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamins, which also function as antioxidants
  • Minerals

Each of these ingredients helps to improve the condition of skin in different ways. Some heal and repair; others replenish. Some increase skin’s resilience, and others defend from UV attack.

Fatty acids are used to improve the resilience and moisture retention of skin. Fatty acids may be great for dry skin, but specific kinds help balance oily skin, while some even help to alleviate acne.

Vitamins help skin retain its youth, defend from UV exposure, and can even treat conditions such as hyper-pigmentation. Minerals replenish skin reserves that help to heal and repair.


Why should I use a facial oil?
The visible layers of your skin are primarily oil-based. Whereas it’s easy to understand that an oily complexion is oil-based, it may seem counter-intuitive to describe dry and normal skin types as ‘oil-based’.

It might not make any sense to you now but all skin types do, in fact, have this uppermost oil-based layer.

  • Dry skin types have an insufficient amount of oil.
  • Normal skin types have the perfect amount of oil.
  • Oily skin types produce more oil. Furthermore, this oil may be out of balance and deficient in substances that keep skin healthy.


Now, it should make sense that to improve the condition of the upper, oil-based layers of your skin, you should fight it with oil-based skin care as well. Just like if you want to improve the deeper, water-based layer of your skin, you should use water-based skin care for it.

How do I choose the right facial oils for my skin?

Now, you must be curious on what type of oil-based ingredients best suit your skin type. Let us guide you on what to choose to introduce facial oils to your nightly skin care routine. Any facial oils with the ingredients mentioned below are great for the respective skin types.


For Dry Skin

Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil 30ml

An overnight reparative treatment oil for dry and sensitive skin. Soothe & calms your skin.

Grape Seed Oil: Nourishes, repairs, and regenerates.
Jojoba Oil: Soothes, reduces redness, and repairs.
Rose Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil: Provide anti-bacterial properties and balance.
Palmarosa Essential Oil and Sesame Seed Essential Oil: Hydrate.

For Normal Skin

diptyque Infused Face Oil 30ml

With normal skin, this luxurious yet lightweight infused face oil will definitely give your skin an extra boost of radiance.

White iris oleate is an amazing radiance booster – smoothing, silky, ultra-sensual.
Sweet almond oil provides the skin with vital nutrients.
Meadow grass oil, harvested in the Great Plains of the American Midwest, adds a distinct, satin pillow-like dimension.
Pastel flower oil ensures a dry feel that allows for use at any time.

For Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Oil with Borago, Rosehip Buckthorn 25ml

It can treat acne, eczema and also nourish the skin – as well as minimise signs of ageing on maturing/ demanding skins.

Sea Buckthorn Berry – Rich in Omega 7: promotes healing, regeneration; minimises scar tissue, also alleviates stretchmarks.
Sweet Almond Oil – Deeply replenishing and nourishing. Rich in Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Sweet Almond Oil has a proven ability to increase elasticity and to maintain strong moisture levels in the skin.
Borago Oil – One of the richest sources of GLA (Gamma–Linolenic Acid). Soothing, moisturising and clarifying – it minimises redness, flakiness and stress on the skin.
Rosehip Extract – Naturally balances the skin. A multi–tasking extract to balance all skin conditions. Naturally astringent, and regulating. It can treat acne, eczema and also nourish the skin – as well as minimise signs of ageing on maturing/ demanding skins.

Detox & Revitalize Your Skin

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil 30ml

An overnight detoxifying oil to flush out pollutants and toxins. Regenerate your skin

Grape Seed Oil: Regenerates and moisturizes.
Organic Essential Oils of Carrot, Lavender, and White Sandalwood: Detoxify.
Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary Extract, and Neroli Essential Oil: Fight fatigue.

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