About us

About us

KENS apothecary was established in 1999.
With a drugstore concept for it, our founder, Ken Lim, at age 27, took a giant leap of faith and started his own business, bringing in niche beauty brands from all around the world into Malaysia. The first KENS apothecary opened its doors in 1999 and has since expanded to a total of seven stores in Kuala Lumpur’s premier shopping malls.
At KENS apothecary, niche beauty and fragrance brands such as Caudalie, Goutal and diptyque, which were less popular back then, are now well-known and recognized by the public in Malaysia.

The initial idea behind KENS apothecary was to bring in niche luxury brands. We wanted to create a strong local pool of customers, which was why we opened our first store in Bangsar. Every brand is carefully curated and creates great synergy in our store. There is simply no way a customer can enter any one of our stores and not find something they will love.

While originally inspired by cutting edge signature outlets like London’s Space NK and New York’s Barneys Apothecary, we have cut a swathe and set new standards in Malaysia’s beauty and skincare scene today, and continues to play a key role in breaking new ground in delivering the ultimate in beauty and skincare to discerning users in the region.